User Agreement


1.1. These rules govern the relationship between the Visitor / User / Customer and the provider of the Services.

1.2. The Contractor shall post on the Site information about the Services offered, other information related to the Contractor's activities. Amendments, including to the information about the provision of the Services on the Site and their cost, are effected by the Contractor unilaterally without prior notice to the User. The information is valid until the Contractor makes relevant changes, unless another period is specified by the Contractor additionally.

1.3. Full and unconditional acceptance and acceptance of these Rules is the placement by the Customer of the Application in the manner established on the Site.


2.1. The Site visitor is the person who came to the Site without the purpose of placing the Application.

2.2. The user is a visitor to the Site who accepts the terms of this Agreement and wishes to place the Application on the Site.

2.3. Customer - The User who placed the Application on the Site.

2.4. performer - www.efko.ru

2.5. The site is an Internet site owned by the Contractor located on the Internet at www.efko.ru .

2.6. Services - information services provided by the Contractor and available for the Application on the Site.

2.7. Application - a duly executed request of the Customer for the provision of the Service selected on the Site.


3.1. By submitting your personal data when submitting the application form on the Site, the Customer gives the Executor his consent to processing and using his personal data in accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ "On personal Data" of July 27, 2006 in various ways for the purposes specified in this Agreement.

3.2. The Contractor uses the Customer's personal data for the purposes of: - Customer registration of the Application on the Site;
- Feedback from the Customer.

3.3. personal data collected by the Contractor:
- Customer's phone number;
- Customer's e-mail address.

3.4. The Contractor undertakes not to disclose the information received from the Customer. In this case, disclosure of information in the case when the duty of such disclosure is established by the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation is not considered a violation of obligations.


4.1. The Contractor reserves the right to introduce changes unilaterally to these rules. Changes to the terms of these rules shall take effect after their publication on the Site.